About Us

Bruce started the DIY livery in 2002. We had 180 cows, they were sold in 2000. There are plenty of buildings which were for the cows. Gradually we converted them to the very good, in our opinion, facilities we have today.

Bruce rents the farm from the Church Commissioners and his family have farmed at Grange Farm since 1951.

Sarah Daley who keeps the yard ticking over has been here for over ten years and has driving ponies and is very good. We now have a lot of people who drive, from pairs of miniatures to full size driving ponies. James has just joined us and Craig helps when he not doing his real job.

We started in the crewyard with 13 stables made out of gates and plywood in a very airy barn. These are very popular stables. We built individual tack rooms in the old brick built outhouses. Everybody has their own lockable tack room to store their tack and feed in.

We then added the indoor school and the American barn stables. The American barn stables have their tack room at the back of the stable.

The 12 wooden stables were added at the same time as we built the very big outdoor floodlit manége.

We now have 56 stables in total spread over all the old cattle building with plenty of space for everyone.

The off road hacking is round our own fields and cross country jumps are being developed.

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